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Welcome at Majadroid

Majadroid is my little one-man software company. I mainly develop indie games for Android devices and the PC. Discover my games and download them for free.

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Game Jams

Ludum Dare 47: The Innermost Indside

In October 2020 it was time again: Ludum Dare 47, this time with the theme "Stuck in a loop". My game "The Innermost Inside" is a kind of psychedelic action-puzzle game. Hard to describe, but a lot of fun to play. Here are all the infos and the link to the game.

Ludum Dare 46: Robot Tale

"Keep it alive" was the motto of Ludum Dare 46, so in my game "Robot Tale" I sent a little robot on a journey to keep a human alive in a cry chamber. The result was a nice little pixel art action game. Just try it out!

Ludum Dare 45: Living Forrest

The theme of the Ludum Dare 45 was "You start with nothing". In my interpretation a kind of Side-Scolling-Tower-Defense-Game was created. From nothing you have to build a forest and defend yourself against the upcoming lumberjacks. Further information and the free download can be found here.

Ludum Dare 44: Don't pay with your life

In my first Game Jam the theme was "Your life is currency". I developed a little jump'n'run with roleplaying elements out of it. Click here for more information and the free download.

Android Games

Matrix Puzzle Kuno Combo

Kuno Combo is a puzzle game for Android devices. But it is different! It's not another match-3 puzzle game that the world does not need. It has its very own, new game mechanics.
Curious? You can find out more on the product page.

Retro Pong Ultimate

My second app, Retro Pong Ultimate, is a remake of the 1972 Atari classic. New game modes introduce new challenges. Find out more on the product page.

Master of Mathematics

My first app, Master of Mathematics, is a small app to practice mental arithmetic. Choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and try to beat the clock. Find out more on the product page.